Jitħabbru r-rebbieħa tal-Kompetizzjoni tal-Fotografija

Dawn huma r-ritratti rebbieħa tal-Kompetizzjoni tal-fotografija. Fil-kompetizzjoni kien hemm 67 ritratt.

L-ewwel post Joe Micallef, b’ritratt li jagħti xena fenomenali tal-monument tal-Indipendenza.


Fit-tieni post David Vincenti, b’xena mill-isbaħ ta’ Bieb il-Bombi.

Fit-tielet post George Abdilla b’ritratt mill-isbaħ tal-Funtana tal-iljun u fl-isfond il-monument ta’ Pietro Paolo Floriani.

Il-programm kollu tal-attività Ġenna ta’ Ġonna – 33 attività f’dik waħda #explorefloriana

Segwi l-programm kollu tal-attività 'Ġenna ta' Ġonna' hawnhekk. 33 attività l-Ħadd 15 t'Ottubru 2017. #exploreflorianaAktar dettalji fuq din il-link; http://bit.ly/2wSfhaL

Geplaatst door Kunsill Lokali tal-Floriana op donderdag 5 oktober 2017

“Ġenna ta’ Ġonna” – Photography Competition


Floriana Local Council is organizing a photographic competition followed by an exhibition for this year’s “Ġenna ta’ Ġonna”, which is an annual open day for the general public to appreciate the natural beauty and architectural heritage of our locality.


The only subject in this competition is Floriana. Landmarks can be both the main subject and a backdrop (recognisable but out of focus) of the main subject. Photos that do not portray Floriana will not be considered for both the competition and exhibition.


There shall be no categories in both subject of photographs or age of the author.


Everyone is eligible to enter the competition without any restrictions whatsoever, except council members. There are also no restrictions on the quantity of entries for every competitor.


Anyone can submit any number of prints or digital images (hard & soft copy via email imagefloriana@gmail.com).

To be considered for both the competition and exhibition, prints need to be at least 12 inch on the longest side. The digital images need to be 2430×1800 pixels or 1.2 megabits at least. If chosen for the exhibition the author needs to print this image to the size requested by Floriana Local Council

Unmounted prints shall be accepted however the author shall mount them if the print is chosen for the exhibition.

All prints shall bare the name of the author on the rear of every entry. The name shall be followed by a number if the same author submits more than one photo; i.e. “John Vella 02”


The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 10th October 2017 by not later than 1200hrs (Midday).


A panel of 4 judges shall be made up of (a) A member from the Maltese Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP), (b) A member from the Malta Photographic Society (MPS) and 2 members nominated by the local council from either the council or the organizing subcommittee.

Judging shall be open to public at an agreed time on Wednesday 11th October 2017


Judging shall be made on the following criteria:

  1. Subject
  2. Composition
  3. Intelligent use of light.
  4. Creativity
  5. Presentation

The judges’ final say cannot be appealed but it can be discussed both publically or privately.


Although results can be available immediately, the official results shall be published on the Local Council website.


Judges shall give 1st, 2nd and 3rd and 3 highly commendable.


The copywrite remains that of the author, however the Floriana Local Council reserves the right to publish the photos with accreditation on the website and other publications including printed matter for non commercial purposes.

#VisitFloriana – Add some culture to your Sundays – from next October!

Are you interested in Malta’s cultural heritage and architecture? Would you like to know more about the locality of Floriana – its whereabouts and characteristics? If so, we invite you to join our monthly Educational Sunday tour!

Over the years, our tours have become a very popular educational and cultural experience for those interested in knowing more about past traditions, techniques used in construction, the origins of our localities, practices in urban planning and more.

The tour is led by professionals in the fields of heritage planning and conservation.

This year, the tour will focus on the locality of Floriana, also known as Citta’ Vilhena. The locality of Floriana which dates back to 1634, offers an immense heritage experience with unravelling details about its planning aspect. Floriana has no less than 15 gardens. The buildings, churches and monuments in this locality provide an insight into Malta’s political and social past from the time of the Knights of St John to the present day.

Throughout the tour, we will offer you the opportunity to discover a number of buildings of particular interest, insite into the extensive baroque fortifications built by the Knights, typical characteristics of Urban Conservation Areas and places of historical appeal including gardens, churches and other interesting sites and features.

This tour allows us to fund raise for a good cause. The Euro 3 fee will be donated to Hospice Movement.

The tour will start from the Planning Authority’s offices in Floriana at 9:00am and will end by 12:30hrs. The Sunday Tours will be held on :

  • 22nd October 2017
  • 26th November 2017
  • 17th December 2017
  • 28th January 2018
  • 18th February 2018
  • 25th March 2018
  • 22nd April 2018
  • 6th May 2018

If you are interested to join for this venture, book a place by contact us 22902021/9942 5222 or send an email on tours@pa.org.mt. Places are on a first come first serve basis.

A Tour of Floriana and its Heritage – Borgo Vilhena

Designed by Pietro Paolo Floriani, Floriana’s fortifications were started in 1636 in order to keep enemy troops as far as possible from Valletta. Work on Floriana’s fortifications continued until the 1720s. The area between the Floriana Lines and the Valletta land front began to be built up in 1724, when Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena founded the suburb Borgo Vilhena.

During this tour, hear stories related to Floriana’s religious heritage, its association with the Order of St John and the Irish Fusiliers, as well as fascinating tales of its people and prominent personalities. We will visit places of interest including the Capuchin Friary’s Crypt and Floriana’s various monuments….

Join FAA and Vincent Zammit, for another tour of discovery.

Date: 26th September
Time: 19:00 (7pm)
Place: Outside the Capuchin Friary, Floriana (F.S. Fenech Street)

Ġenna ta’ Ġonna 2017

M’hemmx dubju li l-Floriana hija ‘Ġenna ta’ Ġonna’ għax tipposjedi l-akbar numru ta’ ġonna pubbliċi f’Malta mxerrdin mal-konfini tagħha, iżda għandha wkoll ħafna aktar x’toffri. Wara s-suċċessi fi snin preċedenti, din is-sena se ssir għas-seba’ edizzjoni l-attività ‘Ġenna ta’ Ġonna’.

Bil-kollaborazzjoni ta’ diversi organizazzjonijiet li qegħdin fil-Floriana u oħrajn batta l-lokalità, dakinhar se jkunu miftuħin il-ġonna kollha li għandna fil-Floriana, mużewijiet, binjiet storiċi u postijiet ta’ interess. Fid-diversi postijiet se jkun hemm gwida li tispjega l-valur storiku tal-post.

Fost l-attrazzjonijiet se jkun hemm manuskritti antiki u patrijiet ibbalzmati fil-Kunvent tal-Kapuċċini, ċans li titla’ fuq il-kampnar tal-Knisja Arċipretali ta’ San Publju, il-ġonna “sigrieti” fis-swar, xogħol mill-artisti taħt il-loġoġ, reċtar ta’ xeni storiċi li ġraw fil-lokalità, dak li kien jiġri f’Balzunetta f’uħud mid-diċenji tas-seklu 20 ta’ żmien l-Ingliżi, xeni mill-isbaħ li l-Floriana għandha x’toffri u li ftit nies tul il-jum japprezzaw u kif ukoll bosta attivitajiet oħra li se jkunu mħabbra fil-jiem li ġejjin.

Għalhekk żommu l-Ħadd 15 t’Ottubru ħieles biex issiru tafu aktar minn qatt qabel kemm hi sabiħa u sinjura l-Floriana tagħna fl-istorja, fl-arti u fl-ambjent tagħha.

Għal iktar informazzjoni wieħed għandu jikkuntattja l-Kunsill Lokali tal-Floriana fuq 2123 5523 jew email fuq floriana.lc@gov.mt.

Undoubtedly Floriana is a “Heaven of Gardens” since it possesses the largest number of public gardens on the island spread throughout this suburb. However Floriana has a lot more to offer. After the success of the previous years, this year there is going to be the 7th edition of “Ġenna ta’ Ġonna” (Heaven of Gardens)

In collaboration with various organisations within Floriana, on Sunday 15th October you will be able to visit all gardens, museums, historical buildings and other places of interest in our locality. In most places there is even going to be guided tours.

Amongst the attractions there is going to be old manuscripts and mummified bodies of priests under the Cappuccin convent. Also not to be missed is the opportunity to go up the bell tower of St. Pubius Parish Church. Explore the secret gardens within the bastions and works of art under the arches on St. Anne’s Street, and enjoy scenes that only Floriana can offer. Some scenes that only a handful of people do appreciate during the day.

We urge that you keep Sunday 15th October 2017 free so you get to know how beautiful and rich Floriana is in its story, art and environment.

More activities shall be announced in the coming days, and for more information you may contact the Floriana Local Council on 21235523 or via email floriana.lc@gov.mt.


L-għanjiet tal-politika tal-ippjanar għall-Floriana, kif deskritt fil-Pjani Lokali taz-zona tal-Port il-Kbir li hemm bħalissa jirriflettu b’mod ċar il-problema rikonoxxuta ta’ interessi varji fil-lokal tagħna tal-Floriana, fejn il-bilanċ bejn użu residentenzjali u kummerċjali qed jinbidel għad-detriment tal-komunità residenzjali. Il-komunità vera li tagħti l-ħajja lil-lokal.

Din il-problema, li hija msemmija ferm u ta’ spiss mill-Kunsill Lokali kollu Furjaniż hija rikonoxxuta speċifikament mill-Policy GF 15, policy li hija mfassla biex tikkontrolla b’mod strett hafna aktar uffiċċji ġodda fil-Floriana. Dan suppost sabiex iwaqqaf it-tnaqqis ta’ popolazzjoni residenzjali fil-lokal, sabiex ikun hemm aktar lok għal bini residenzjali, li permezz tagħha l-popolazzjoni tal-Floriana terġa tieħu r-ruħ.

Sfortunatament il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Floriana jistaqsi, dan qiegħed isir? Din il-policy, din il-politika qed tiġi mħarsa kif suppost? Fl-aħħar snin ingħataw permessi għal akkomadazzjoni ta’ uffiċċji ġodda u dan l-iżvilupp jinvolvi mill-ġdid, il-bidla tal-użu tal-bini residenzjali għal dak kummerċjali. Dan qed iwassal biex jinħoloq preċident mhux mixtieq. Azzjoni li mhux tħares il-politika li suppost tħares il-lokal Furjaniż, azzjoni li tipperikola l-politika tal-Pjan Lokali biex iżomm u ssaħħaħ il-komunità residenzjali fil-Floriana.

L-appell tal-lokalità Furjaniża kollha huwa ċar; hemm bżonn li l-Floriana tingħata widen tassew, il-Kunsill iħeġġeġ lil dawk kollha konċernati biex il-politika ta’ ħarsien tal-lokal, mill-ġdid, tkun implimentata b’saħħa u kif suppost biex ftit ftit il-problema ta’ riġenerazzjoni fil-lokal tibda’ tiġi megħluba. Dan m’hu xejn aktar milli suppost, il-Floriana u l-komunità tagħha qed nitolbu ħarsien, ħarsien li għandu jħaddan u jħares il-komunità Furjaniża li hija l-qalb tal-lokal innifsu.

The planning policy objectives for Floriana, as described in current Local Plan for The Grand Harbour Area clearly reflect the tension of opposing interests in Floriana: namely the erasing of the residential fabric to make space for new office / commercial development. This comes to the detriment of the residential community – the true community which is the life and blood of the neighbourhood.

This problem, a primary concern for the Floriana Local Council is specifically recognized by Policy GF 15, a policy which is designed to strictly control new office development in Floriana.

The Floriana Local Council hereby asks if the Policy GF 15 is being respected and adhered to by the Planning Authority. Recent years have witnessed a surge of new office spaces where this involves a change of use from residential buildings to business spaces. This is creating an undesirable precedent. The disregard to Policy GF 15 goes against the protection of the Floriana neighbourhood.
The Council’s appeal is an obvious one – we strongly urge all authorities concerned to respect the policies which safeguard our locality and community.

Il-Furjaniżi se jerġgħu jiċċelebraw bi stil il-festa ta’ San Patrizju – 2017

L-għan tal-attivita’ ta’ din is-sena mhux biss huwa ta’ divertiment imma wkoll li jkun hemm kontribut għall-fondazzjoni ALS f’Malta.

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16-il Għaqda tan-Nar fil-Festival Nazzjonali tan-Nar tal-Art Mekkanizzat fil-Floriana

Il-Kunsill Lokali Floriana għandu pjaċir iħabbar li ser jorganizza l-ħdax–il edizzjoni tal- Festival Nazzjonali tal-Logħob tan-Nar tal-Art Mekkanizzat fi Pjazza San Publju (il-Fosos) fil-Floriana, nhar is-Sibt 29 ta’ April, 2017.

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STQARRIJA STAMPA – Xogħlijiet fid-Daħla tal-Belt u l-Floriana u l-Isle of MTV 2017

Il-Kunsill Lokali Floriana jagħmel referenza għax-xandir riċenti dwar xogħlijiet li preżentement huma għaddejjin fiz-zona magħrufa dik ta’ Tritoni.

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