Sa Maison Gardens

Sa Maison Gardens provide a quiet relaxing spot with beautiful views over Marsamxett harbour

The Sa Maison Garden is also known as ‘il-Gnien tal-Milorda’ (Her Ladyship’s Garden) in memory of Lady Julia Lockwood, who loved this garden between 1842 and 1856 until her house was demolished and taken over by the military.

After 1903, this beautiful piece of land was handed over to the civil government. Even though the Sa Maison Garden is quite small, it is very pretty and nicely decorated, well known for its military heritage.

When visiting the gardens you can still see traces of when the garden was maintained by the army such as several crests of the regiment, that are engraved in the bastion walls inside the garden.

A small model of a castle made of Maltese stone can be found in the garden as well, dedicated to the 2nd Battalion of the Essex Regiment. For amazing views over the Marsamxett Habour visit the watch tower called Knight’s Gardjola.