A Tour of Floriana and its Heritage – Borgo Vilhena

Designed by Pietro Paolo Floriani, Floriana’s fortifications were started in 1636 in order to keep enemy troops as far as possible from Valletta. Work on Floriana’s fortifications continued until the 1720s. The area between the Floriana Lines and the Valletta land front began to be built up in 1724, when Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena founded the suburb Borgo Vilhena.

During this tour, hear stories related to Floriana’s religious heritage, its association with the Order of St John and the Irish Fusiliers, as well as fascinating tales of its people and prominent personalities. We will visit places of interest including the Capuchin Friary’s Crypt and Floriana’s various monuments….

Join FAA and Vincent Zammit, for another tour of discovery.

Date: 26th September
Time: 19:00 (7pm)
Place: Outside the Capuchin Friary, Floriana (F.S. Fenech Street)