Porte des Bombes

Porte des Bombes, originally known as Porta dei Cannoni, is the main gateway into Floriana. This gate, originally had only one porte and was designed by Mondion and constructed in 1721 by Grand Master Perellos. The coat of arms at the top of the gate is that of Grand Master Perellos.

In June 1798, the Knights of St John lost the Maltese islands to the French. One of the few sorties took place here when Napoleon’s troops attacked and threw open Porte des Bombes. This gate passed through various transformations as the traffic into Valletta and Floriana increased. It was Sir Patrick Grant, Governor of Malta 1867-72, who saw the need of adding a second entrance to the gateway. This was inaugurated on 17th August, 1868, at a cost of £900, thus allowing for the passage of two means of transport at the same time. The writing on one side of the gates says: ‘Whilst I fight the Turks everywhere I am secure in my seat’. A second inscription on the other side reads: ‘For the greater comfort of the population – 1868’.