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Sa Maison Gardens

Sa Maison Gardens provide a quiet relaxing spot with beautiful views over Marsamxett harbour The Sa Maison Garden is also known as ‘il-Gnien tal-Milorda’ (Her Ladyship’s Garden) in memory of […]

Msida Bastions

Formerly known as the Msida Bastion Cemetery, this served as a Protestant cemetery from 1806-56. It was restored over a period of ten years and was awarded the Silver Medal […]

Vilhena Garden

Vilhena garden is a small garden named after Grand Master Manoel Antonio de Vilhena. This garden, which is a belvedere site, was constructed on the initiative of the Floriana Local […]

Triton Fountain

The fountain is located just before the bridge leading to Valletta’s City Gate. It was built on the site of St. Madeleine’s Lunette, a 17th-century lunette that protected the entrance […]

The Mall

The Mall is a promenade of 400 yards lined with trees and ponds. It was built by Grandmaster Lascaris in 1656 for the recreation of the Knights. Until the year […]

St Philip Garden

This garden is also known as “il-Ġnien tal-Ġeneral” (The General’s Garden) and it forms part of Argotti’s former private section. The garden is noted for the beautiful fountain at its […]

Sir Luigi Preziosi Gardens

These gardens are homogenous with other gardens and buildings on this side of the bastions, for the excellent panoramic views of the Grand Harbour. These gardens are named after the […]