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Robert Samut Hall

This Neo-Gothic building, completed in 1883, was originally the Floriana Wesleyan Methodist Church, house of Protestant worship. The architectural style of this building is Neo-Gothic and was designed by architect […]

Middle Sea House

This building was built during Grand Master Vilhena’s reign and was later established by Alexander Ball as administrative offices for the control of grain imported into Malta. This building was […]

The Lion Fountain

This is a baroque fountain topped by a lion. The lion was part of the coat of arms of Grand Master Vilhena and is now the sole figure of Floriana’s […]

Independence Monument

The Independence Monument in front of The Mall gardens, was erected at this site, previously held by that of Grand Master Vilhena, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Malta’s Independence […]


Granaries are pits dug into the ground and covered by circular stone slabs. They were primarily used for the storage of Grain. Granaries can be found throughout Valletta and Floriana. […]

Argotti Botanic Gardens

The plan of the Argotti gardens was drawn and formed on St James Bastion in 1720 by the Portuguese Knight Manoel Pinto de Fonseca who was elected Grandmaster of the […]