The Lion Fountain

This is a baroque fountain topped by a lion. The lion was part of the coat of arms of Grand Master Vilhena and is now the sole figure of Floriana’s coat of arms. It has “guarded” the town since 1728. The inscriptions in Latin found on the bottom part of this fountain say “To the increasing population of this suburb, Grand Master Don Anton Manoel De Vilhena, who holds the inhabitants so close to his heart, decreed that this Fountain is erected – 1728”. During wartime, the Lion was encased in stone and placed for protection beneath the first arcade in St. Anne Street. Later on, it was kept for preservation by Mr E. Falzon at his Express Garage in St. Anne Square. The fountain was reconstructed in 1958 and the lion put in place during the night of 31st December 1958/1st January 1959.